So Easy A Caveman Can Do It?

Unless you’re a caveman or a hermit in the woods, media is almost unavoidable in today’s world. This is the somewhat unfortunate realization I came to after going without it for an entire two days.

After completing my log of two day’s worth of media consumption, I realized the next step, going without media for two days, was going to be extremely difficult. Unfortunately, I was right.

Regularly using media, the Internet and TV, to help myself wake up, my mornings were a lot less than pleasurable. However, they were still manageable and not as bad as I had expected. Also usually consuming media on the way to class by use of my iPod, my walk was definitely different than what I’m used to, but not necessarily worse. In class, some forms of media, the teacher using the computer and Internet for presentations, YouTube, and other educational videos, were unavoidable and involuntary. Unfortunately, using my computer, watching TV, and playing video games were all voluntarily avoidable, making my free time more boring than usual, yet still somewhat enjoyable.

In all honesty, I was not as successful in avoiding media as I had hoped to be. Whether it be getting food in the dinning hall, sitting in my room, or walking down the street, I could not avoid media in forms of advertisements in the dinning hall, my roommate watching TV, and advertisements on the side of the road. The only way to fully avoid media might just be to live alone in the mountains or just lock yourself in an empty room for two days with contact with the outside world.

At first, going without media feels a bit awkward. It feels like walking out of your house without wearing any pants. However, as the time without media went on, I felt a feeling of liberation. Maybe pants aren’t really all that necessary after all.

My time without media showed me that I should probably consider cutting back on my media usage. While an intricate part of daily life in this society, life is still livable, and sometimes more enjoyable, without so much media exposure.


Media – Is it everywhere?

Along the side of the road, on your cell phone, and on your TV, media exists. Further, media can be found in magazines, books, movies, on the radio, and in many more other channels; some expected and some unexpected. It might seem sometimes that media is everywhere you look in life, or at least it did when I logged my media usage for two days straight.

The furthest thing possible from being a morning person, I usually turn on the TV or get on my computer to stimulate myself with the hope that it will help wake me up. Whether it be either of the two, in both instances I’m faced with media. When watching TV, I almost always choose to watch ESPN, a sports broadcast channel that fills my brain with advertisements and gives me the latest news in the world of sports. When surfing the web, I like to check up on all the latest news in world; whether it be world news, local news, or sports news. Further, I also like to read all the latest sports blogs on the Internet for my favorite sports teams; a habit that I find takes up much of my free time.

With class scheduled to start in less than five minutes, I then rush to class. One things for sure though: I don’t leave without my iPod. For the most part, I usually just listen to music on my iPod. However, sometimes I chose to listen to podcasts. These podcasts are usually sports related, but sometimes also are other various types of podcasts such as news related.

Once in class, the only media that I really consume comes from reading the text book. However one day during my two day log, a professor showed the class a video on YouTube, adding to my media consumption for the day.

When eating a meal on campus, whether it be lunch or dinner, I’m confronted by advertisements. In all of the dinning halls, there are advertisements for meal deals, sales on food items, etc. In some dining halls, there are also TVs available for viewing, adding once again to my daily media consumption.

Now back in my dorm room during my free time, just about anything I do adds to my media consumption. Most of the time, I find myself on the computer. While on it, I check my Facebook, Twitter, read the news, and once again read up on the latest sports news and sports blogs. If not on the computer, my second choice is playing video games. While playing these games, I’m also confronted with advertising within the game, another item added to my media log. Finally, if not on the computer or playing video games, I watch TV. My first choice is sports, but I also enjoy watching regular TV shows, the news, and whatever good movies are on TV. Just like with the previous two forms of media, I’m also confronted with advertisements while watching TV.

When, and most of the time if, my free time is finished, sometimes I’ll do homework if really I have to. During my two days of media logging, my only homework was just to read from the text book. However, I also had to E-mail a teacher, providing me with advertisements from within my student Gmail account.

Upon reflecting about my media usage and consumption, I’m really not surprised that most of the media I consume is by choice; on the computer and on the TV. For the most part, this shows that I learn about the world from the news I read on the Internet…and from Facebook statuses and tweets.

Before taking this class and completing this log, I just thought of media being stuff like the news. However, now I realize that media is a part of basically everything in my life.