Multimedia Advertising…So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It?

It’s no secret, advertisements are everywhere. Though, is it possible that the same advertisement is everywhere? Due to the multimedia approach to advertising, the answer is yes.

The multimedia approach uses as many forms of media as possible to get the same advertisement out. This means that the multimedia approach has a greater effect on a very wide range of different people. As a result, more people buy the product advertised, or do whatever else the advertisement is advocating.

One example of a company using the multimedia approach to advertising is Geico.

Geico has commercials on TV, on the radio, on the internet, on billboards, and even on cell phones. Not only this, but Geico has many different advertising campaigns all advocating the same thing, ultimately getting the word out to more people while still using the same ways.

Out of Geico’s many cross platform advertisements, two major kinds stand out: the Caveman and the Geico Gecko.

More recent than the Geico Gecko, Geico has been showing how easy it is to get their auto insurance, as well as making Cavemen everywhere mad. Claiming in their commercials that their insurance is so easy to get “even a caveman get do it,” a friendly looking Caveman appears to get mad, making it a silly, yet sometimes annoying commercial to watch. Whatever your opinion might be, it’s always fun to see how Geico is ruffling the Caveman’s feathers with every new commercial that they make.

While for the most part the Caveman appears in TV commercials, he has also found himself at such events like the NHL Awards Show in Las Vegas, a great use of multimedia advertising to gain publicity. Though even bigger than this, the Caveman used to even have his own entire TV show.

Older than the Caveman, but possibly still more popular than the caveman is the Geico Gecko. Over the years, this silly little gecko who talks with an accent has found himself on TV in commercials, over the airways on the radio, on the side of the road on billboards, and all over the internet in advertisements. Like the Caveman, the Geico Gecko advocates Geico auto insurance over all the different mediums he finds himself in, getting word out in every way possible to everyone possible.

Though, more recent than either of these two Geico mascots are the Geico Guinea Pigs. How is Geico using these Guinea pigs to get the word out by using the multimedia approach to advertising? Well, the Geico Guinea Pigs have their own iPhone app/game, of course. Guess you could say they’re the “guinea pigs” for smart phone advertising.

Based on the fact that Geico has used such advertising techniques as the Geico Gecko and the Geico Caveman shows that these strategies work, and they work well. If they didn’t work, why would they continue to use them?

Due to the multimedia approach to advertising, Geico can target all different kinds of audiences at all different times, and still be effective.


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