“Man Up” to Real Men

If you’re an American, chances are you love a good TV commercial. Let’s be honest, tons of people will watch the Super Bowl simply just to watch a good commercial. Though, no matter where you’re from, everyone hates a bad commercial.

However, what makes a commercial bad? Are bad commercials bad because they’re not funny and/or boring? While this might be the answer for some commercials, are other commercials bad because they’re unethical or offensive?

When the topic of unethical and/or offensive commercials is brought up, I immediately think of a certain beer commercial. Yes, that’s right, the Miller Lite “man up” commercials.

Do I think that these Miller Lite commercials are goofy and entertaining? Yes. However, I also feel like they are greatly offensive to many other people. As a result, I’ve written a letter to the head of advertising at Miller Lite:

To whom it may concern,

A big fan of beer and commercials, I’ve seen your “man up” Miller Lite commercials. While I find these to be comical, I also know that many other people are offended by your “man up” commercials.

First off, many European men would be offended by the way you insulted the “man purse.” Further, any “real man” would tell you that drinking any lite beer is girly.

However on a more serious note, believe it or not, some guys do use man purses. Further, other guys wear women’s jeans, wear skirts, use rolling backpacks, ride scooters, etc. To say that any of these things are “unmanly” is truly hurtful, mean, unethical, and unnecessary. Believe it or not, there are still ways to sell beer without having to put others down. Making other things seem negative, or trash talking the competition only makes yourself look like the bad guy in the end.

So if you really wanna talk about “manning up,” maybe your company should embrace “real men,” men of all different styles. Males who are tall, short, skinny, fat, athletic, nerdy, smart, dumb, young, old, rich, poor, but most importantly, ones who use man purses, wear women’s jeans, wear skirts, use rolling backpacks, and ride scooters are all, 100% real men and deserve to be treated like it.

-Andrew Hallman


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