Cleaning Up the Oil Spill and Public Oppinion

Above is a Pelican who has been affected by the BP oil spill.

In recent times, there’s one job that you wouldn’t want to have if you’re in public relations. No, I’m not talking about working for Herman Cain. Out of all of the companies the US, the one currently with possibly the worst public image is BP.

Unless you have been living under a rock in recent times, BP was responsible for a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP oil spill lasted for months and affected everyone in the area, wildlife and people.

As a result of doing terrible things to the Gulf of Mexico, many people refuse to purchase and use BP gas. In reality, who could blame them?

The public relations department of BP definitely has a tough job to accomplish.

If I were the head of BP’s public relations department, I’d have a very specific strategy to win back the public’s approval.

Lower Gas Prices

Times are tough. Gas prices are high. No one wants to spend money on gas, but most people have to. When deciding on which company to buy gas from, who wants to buy gas from the company who is ruining the Gulf of Mexico? No one with a soul, I hope. However, what if it’s at a price that no one can beat?

Lowering BP gas prices will over time gain back public approval. Did they ruin the Gulf of Mexico? Sure. But they also saved people a bunch of money when filling up their gas tanks. Lower gas prices are a thing that everyone can agree on…unless you’re a rich and from the Middle East.

Constant Updates on the Cleanup

The Gulf of Mexico has taken quite a hit and surely is damaged. As a result, people are very angry. The public wants changes, and they want changes now.

Workers attempt to cleanup the oil spill.

To turn public opinion positive again, frequent updates on how the cleanup is going is a necessity. The more the public learns about how the Gulf of Mexico is being cleaned up, the better.

Possible Backfire

There is always the possibility of failure.

By lowering gas prices, the public still might hate BP. Overall, BP would lose more money due to gas prices that are too low to gain good enough profits.

People can sometimes be impatient. When something bad happens, people want it fixed as soon as possible. By giving the public frequent updates on the oil spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico, some people might feel like the cleanup is taking too long, therefore making them view BP even more negatively.

Is It Right?

Based off of the PRSA’s Code of Ethics, I feel like my campaign strategy would be ethical. My strategy is truthful, accurate, fair, and shows a responsibility to the public.


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