Three’s Company – Hockey Blog Edition

Puck Daddy, Pro Hockey Talk, and Cross Checks Blog are blogs with an aim to provide readers with current and up to date news on all things hockey, but specifically in and around the NHL. The people that are reading these blogs are pretty much anyone interesting in hockey; young or old, die hard fans or casual fans, etc.

While all three blogs are about news, they still have different styles. Both Pro Hockey Talk and Cross Checks Blog take a more seriouS, strictly news approach. On the other hand, Puck Daddy takes a bit of the same approach, but also more commonly takes a more relaxed, personal approach.

Due to the fact that Puck Daddy is often more relaxed and personal, I prefer reading it the most. Regular serious news stories, while informative, can sometimes get to be too bland and boring. When a bit of a personal touch is added, the content becomes much more interesting and enjoyable. I’ll always find the news to be interesting, but if it has a personal side, one that appeals to me of course, it becomes a whole lot better to read and follow.

Each of these three blogs are all credible in a couple of different ways. For one, if they’re the official blogs for major news organizations such as Yahoo, NBC Sports Network, and ESPN, they have to be reliable. Further, because each blog covers such a wide range of topics, the writers have to know what they’re talking about.

Outside of this course, I also have a blog about hockey, though mines a little bit different.

Unlike the blogs mentioned above, my blog focuses on just the Washington Capitals, my favorite hockey team. Further, it also takes the approach of evaluating the team from the perspective of a true fan and not just some supposed know-it-all or news reporter.

In terms of content, the purpose of the blog is to provide readers with all the latest news and updates about the team, as well as provide the opinions of true fans; opinions that you won’t get from reading the newspaper or from normal sports websites like ESPN. As a result, the target audience is fans who want to know whats up with the team, but from someone who actually cares about the team and not someone writing for a paycheck.

As for user interactivity, my blog offers many options for readers to get involved. When blogging about controversial matters, I often include polls for readers to vote in and express their opinions. Further, readers are also invited to leave comments and start discussions on blog posts. Finally, readers can become a fan of my page on Facebook or follow it on twitter to receive all the latest news and updates and soon as possible.


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