2035 – The Not So Distant Future

The year is 2035. Much has changed. Yet, much is still the same. Technology, communication technology especially, has continued to have a strong and steadily growing impact on daily life.

Is life better or is it worse?


In the year 2035, life has reached what some are calling “the golden age,” thanks to the improvements made by technology.

Due to media convergence, all aspects of life have become easier. Unlike times past, there is no need for many different devices, ultimately causing clutter and disconnection. Everything, all forms of communication, can all be accessed and used by a single device, connecting users better than ever.

The strong and constant connection between one another thanks to technology now in the year 2035 has led to many great advances in many different fields. Better than ever, doctors have been able to share ideas and collaborate on other ideas. This has lead to the curing of many diseases and the prevention of even more. Following this trend, lawmakers and government leaders have also been able to better work with one another to bring about justice and improve how countries are ran. Finally, the amount of knowledge shared and stored with one another has increased the intelligence of humans to limits never expected to be reached.


As technology advanced, actual person-to-person interaction became more and more detached and disconnected. Communication technology, a technology that was supposed to promote better communication, was actually just worsening the situation more and more. By the year 2035, it had finally reached its worst.

With almost all aspects of life moving into the world of digitalization, disconnect and chaos started to ensue. Governments began to lose communication and control over the body they governed. Knowledge became so easily accessible that no one bothered to actually learn anything anymore.

By the year 2035, technology reached a point where it could do everything and anything for humans, without the humans using it actually doing anything at all. Humans became disconnected with life. Life became disconnected.

2035 For Real

Based off how much I’ve seen technology change in my lifetime, I’m really not sure what the future holds. Today’s prediction of the future could be completely different by tomorrow.

25 years ago, Internet and cellphones were still far from a very mainstream thing. Now in the current age, a smart phone, as well as a high-speed Internet connection, is almost a necessity for daily life. With such a change like this, the advancements of technology in 25 years are unimaginable.

One things for sure though, mass communications will be greatly effected.

In the early days, Internet was used for things such as communication between scientists to help collaborate more quicker and effectively. In today’s age, the Internet is used to stay in contact with friends, catch up with old friends, and do pretty much anything else you want.

In 25 years, I predict mostly all mass communication will be digitalized. Newspapers and actual radio stations will be extinct. Similar to how it is today, there will be devices that allow users to watch TV, listen to the radio, and read the news, allowing for greater use of mass communication.

At this point, it’s unclear how things will turn out, but one thing is for sure: it will have a huge effect on humanity.


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